Revised Plans for Local Centre

October 5, 2018

Following a design review, Crest Nicholson has submitted a planning application to Swindon Borough Council (SBC) for revised plans for the Local Centre.

The new plans retain the currently permitted footprint, but seek to sub-divide two apartments and add an additional five apartments, creating seven new flats in total. This will include an additional storey to be added to the corner of the building, with the benefit of creating a landmark feature at this prominent corner location within Tadpole Garden Village. Additional parking has also been created to provide for the needs of the additional residential dwellings.

Details of the application will be available for view on SBC’s planning portal once the application has been registered. A public consultation will then be launched, with comments being able to be registered on SBC’s website.

Construction work on the ground works and foundations for the Local Centre will be commencing on site within the coming weeks, whilst this application is considered by SBC.