TGVCIC – Areas of Responsibility

January 20, 2020

In 2018 Preim issued a community update detailing the areas that had been handed over to the Tadpole Garden Village Community Interest Company. Since that update there have been a number of other areas, phases and blocks that have been handed over or will be handed over in 2020.

Please see the below list detailing the areas that have been handed over to the TGVCIC:

Estate Areas Handed Over

· Eastern Common
· Western Middle Common
· Phase 1 Allotments
· The Town Park
· Phase 1A

Apartment Blocks Handed Over

· Phase 1C Blocks 1, 3 & 4
· Phase 4.2 Blocks 2 & 3
· Phase 4.8a Blocks 4 & 5

Crest Nicholson Strategic (CSP) provided a colour coded plan in 2019 that shows the areas that have been handed over to the TGVCIC, these are marked in red, and the anticipated dates of other areas that CSP will handover at TGV, these are marked in yellow.

Please click here to find a link to the plan.

This plan will be updated and will be reissued later this year as there are currently several other areas that should be handed over to TGVCIC. Currently the next set of areas, phases and blocks to be handed over to TGVCIC over are as follows:

· The Stray – anticipated early 2020
· Phase 4.8a Blocks 1 & 2 – early 2020
· Phase 4.8a Estate Areas – early 2020
· Phase 1B Estate Areas – Summer/Autumn 2020

The above are anticipated dates, and these can change dependent on the development build schedules.

Preim will be issuing a further update in February 2020 with a planned maintenance schedule confirming the frequency and periods of the year that residents should expect TGVCIC contractors to undertake works. All handed over apartment blocks will receive planned maintenance schedules for their blocks with their 2020/21 budgets.

An update was issued on Summer 2018 confirming the services provided by TGVCIC, and the services provided by the developers and SBC/Parish Council. Please see the below:


Please find below a link to a copy of your 2018/19 service charge budget for Tadpole Garden Village.

The service charge is used to maintain TGVCIC assets, and to administer TGVCIC services. Click here for the 2019/20 budget.

The budget details all of the maintenance services that the TGVCIC will provide once the development has been completed. The services provided by TGVCIC are set out in detail in the transfer document for each property. In general, the practical services provided include grounds maintenance, play area surveys and maintenance, tree maintenance, emptying of general waste bins and general repairs on any areas that belong to the TGVCIC. The budget also includes a reserve fund provision which will be used for any replacement or large repair works that are required to TGVCIC assets.

Alongside the maintenance services listed in the budget, TGVCIC (via Preim) provides a number of administration services as follows:

– Provision of a telephone helpline
– Dealing with property owner queries
– Provision of an Account Manager undertaking regular site meetings including attendance at ‘handover’ meetings
– Provision of a Community Mobiliser
– Preparation and issue of a seasonal newsletters
– Managing allotment allocations
– Provision of websites accessible to members ( &
– Preparation of an annual service charge budget
– Procurement and contractor vetting
– Invoicing and collection of the annual service charge
– Managing service charge debt
– Preparation of monthly income and expenditure records accessible to property owners
– Arranging an independent annual audit of CIC and service charge accounts
– Provision of financial reports
– Fulfilling the role of CIC Company Secretary
– Arranging and attending residents meeting
– Supporting the residents steering committee
– Holding a register of property owners and maintaining records
– Making the annual return
– Liaising with vendors and purchasers solicitors and responding to queries during house re-sales

The services shown in the service charge budget are only being undertaken by Preim on areas of land that have been handed over to the TGVCIC.

For all non-handed over areas, the maintenance responsibility lies with the relevant housebuilder, or Crest Nicholson Strategic Projects (CSP) who are providing the major infrastructure and larger areas of public open space. The housebuilders and CSP are also responsible for the traffic and contractor management.


Councillor Rahul Tarar has provided a general list confirming the services that Swindon Borough Council and the Parish Council provide. If residents have any queries regarding the following items, they should contact Swindon Borough Council who would be able to provide more detail on the services provided:

– Public Transport
– Education/School places
– Street signage
– Roads and highway regulations once roads are adopted
– Bin Collection
– Environmental and Regulatory
– Social housing
– Public Health
– Social Care- Adult
– Social Care- Children
– The Parish Council empty the dog waste bins on site

We trust that the above information provides an overview of the services you receive via your service charge, and those you receive via your council tax.

For any further information on the services provided by the TGVCIC please contact the Preim helpdesk on or (01778) 382210.