Preim Update

June 3, 2021

Dear Residents,

Further to the previous Preim update regarding the verges being cut by the developers there were a few queries/issues that were raised. Please see the below further updates/explanations on a few items. Should residents have any questions then please contact the Preim Ltd Helpdesk Directly.

Developer Updates

Preim are liaising with and following up with the various developers to try and get work updates across the phase relating to Streetlight repairs, road works, footpath etc. As residents will note David Wilson Homes have provided updates that Preim have issued and there will be an update from Crest Nicholson South West in due course. Preim appreciate that residents will want information on development issues and Preim are trying to assist residents where possible, however the majority of the information is reliant on the developers providing it. Preim will look to issue a monthly update on the key issues and items raised by residents, however it may be that some of the issues take time to resolve.

As always any maintenance queries need to be sent to the helpdesk and Preim can inform residents who is responsible for an area and whether it can be easily resolved.

Site Visits/Meetings

Your estate manager, Simon New, is on site at least two to three times a month reviewing CIC areas, meeting with developers or meeting with CIC contractors and residents. A few residents have queried whether Preim are on site and it has been agreed that Preim will post a list once a month of the dates that Simon will be at TGV. Should residents ever wish to meet with Simon, as a number of residents have done in the past, then please contact the Preim Helpdesk and Simon can agree a time that would suit you. This could be to review a CIC area or an area of land that a resident may have a query on and Simon will be able to advise the best course of action.

Currently Simon is due at TGV the following dates in June:

  • Thursday 10th June
  • Wednesday 23rd June

Kasia, the TGVCIC Community Mobiliser, will also be hosting a Facebook Live drop in session with Simon on the evening of the 15th June 2021, time and exact date TBC but residents will be able to ask questions of Simon at this meeting.

In line with the current restrictions an annual TGV meeting has not been possible in 2020 and so far in 2021. The intention will be that Preim will hold a meeting in September/October, restrictions dependent, and residents will be notified of the meeting closer to the time.

Community Mobiliser

Preim will be issuing a more detailed update in June, however we just wanted to confirm that the role of the community mobiliser is now primarily to engage the community on events, social groups, to provide positive news updates and TGVCIC newsletters. Preim appreciate that in the past residents may have contacted Chris Tanner on a number of developer issues, however these now need to be referred to the Preim Helpdesk and for the attention of Simon who liaises directly with the developers. If the issue is urgent then Kasia is on the development and can communicate with the Preim helpdesk team to resolve anything immediately, however for updates on developers cutting their areas, CIC maintenance queries, streetlight faults etc. these need to go directly to the Helpdesk.

CIC Areas of Maintenance/Plan

To confirm the plan that Preim has issued is based on an old plan of the development, however it is the best plan that Preim have been provided so far by the developers that can be used to illustrate what has been handed over to the TGVCIC. Whilst some of the road layouts or areas may not be in date the purpose of the plan is to show residents the key areas that are being maintained. The plan is currently being revised to include more areas and to change one or two areas, however hopefully residents can see what areas are maintained by Preim due to these being cut and maintained on a daily and weekly basis.

Some residents have also queried why some areas that have been handed over around The Stray for example are left longer. This is due to the approved planning designs for the development where some areas are not common amenity grass but are either woodland grass (which is cut annually) or wild basin grass (which is twice a year). To clarify these points Preim will issue an update planned maintenance schedule for these areas and confirm how often areas will be cut.

The Stray – the top end of The Stray requires some remediation works from David Wilson Homes on the areas that border their phase 2.2. This is why some areas have not been cut and these works will be completed in the coming weeks with Preim supervising.

Due to the recent wet weather over May the landscaping team have not been able to complete their regular weed spraying and Preim are aware that some areas require this. The weed treatments across TGVCIC areas will be completed in the next couple of weeks as due to the unusual weather in March, April and May the growing season has been later than usual.

Hopefully the above has clarified a few points for residents, however if there are any other queries please contact Simon and the Preim helpdesk Team.

Kind Regards

Preim Ltd.