Crest Nicholson: Development Update

February 26, 2018

MUCH is happening behind the scenes at Tadpole Garden Village. Crest Nicholson continue to build on the successful early delivery of the school and bus service.

Crest Nicholson will shortly be completing the first phase of landscaping and play area at the Stray, with the pub, retail centre, sports pitches and nature park to follow closely behind.

Crest Nicholson remain firmly committed to the delivery of community infrastructure within Tadpole Garden Village and, in respect of the public house, we are working with Arkell’s Brewery in their purchase of the pub land. George Arkell, Managing Director at Arkell’s has issued the following statement:

“Arkell’s Brewery is delighted to confirm that it is acquiring the pub site at Tadpole Garden Village from developer, Crest Nicholson. The deal, agreed a few months ago, will complete in April.

“Following the purchase of the land Arkell’s will submit a detailed planning application, to the local authority, detailing the design of the pub we intend to build.

“Arkell’s considers this a wonderful opportunity to be involved in a thriving community in one of Swindon’s newest residential districts. It is hoped that construction on the public house will commence later in the year.”