Developer Update – David Wilson Homes – Phase 2.2

May 28, 2021

Dear Residents

The DWH site team have provided a further update to the works they are currently undertaking across their Phase 2.2 at TGV.

  • DWH are currently working around their roads where they are clearing and repairing any road gullies, this is being undertake section by section. This is so they limit traffic disruption on the roads.
  • DWH have identified 24 streetlights that need to be repaired or connected. 10 of these lights should be working by tonight, another 10 repaired next week and then the remaining lights are currently having work undertaken to put the connections in place.
  • All remaining streetlight connections will be completed between the 21st – 23rd July and then these lights will be working and lit the following week

As and when there are further updates available DWH will inform Preim.