DWH – Further Development Update 28.07.2021

July 21, 2021

Updated 28.07.2021

Further to the prior update DWH have now asked Preim to inform residents on the DWH Phase Larks Rise that they are starting concrete kerb and road edge repairs around properties numbered 17 – 41 High Ground. These are a continuation of the phase works detailed on the last DWH Update.


Updated 21.07.2021

Dear Residents,

Please see a further update that has been issued by the site team for the DWH Phases at TGV.

DWH are currently undertaking road and footpath repairs this week on their 2nd Phase, these are focused around High Ground and the pumping station, some of the footpaths will be closed off and barriers are in place. The closures to areas will move along with the works locations as the works progress. DWH are also focusing on their landscaping maintenance across the phase and moving forward there will be a landscaping team on site for all of the DWH phases, 1B, 2.2 Park View and 2.3 Larks Rise every fortnight undertaking necessary landscaping maintenance until the phases are either adopted by SBC or handed over to the TGVCIC.

Should you have any queries please contact the DWH Customer Care team.