First Aid Training at Tadpole Garden Village

July 3, 2017

RESIDENTS saw a fabulous opportunity of First Aid Training come to Tadpole Garden Village on Saturday 1st July.

With the support of a venue thanks to Jane at Tadpole Farm CofE Primary Academy, Katie from company Kidz First Aid was able to equip six individuals with the knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation. All participants were taught how to deal with a casualty and learned parental first aid skills, including how to pack and dress a wound, how to administer CPR to adults and children, and how to deal with a febrile convulsion. The youngest participant, Lily, was only 11-years old, but she took it all in her stride, and will now be able to keep calm and know what to do should someone have an accident at home.

The training provided was sponsored by Millie’s Trust.

Millie’s Trust was set up by Joanne & Dan Thompson after their precious daughter Millie choked and died whilst eating mashed potato on her third day of nursery at the age of nine months. Joanne & Dan believe that everyone should have access to First Aid Training no matter what their situation in life is. They aim to make First Aid Training readily available for minimal costs and in as many places as possible. The course at Tadpole Garden Village was offered for Free to parents of under 1’s and with a minimal donation to all other participants. For more information on the work of Millie’s Trust – please click here.

Resident Laura Mulcock, who organised the course, commented: “In cases of cardiac arrest there is only a 6% chance of survival where no first aid is given. This rises to a 74% chance of survival if someone can administer CPR and defibrillation within three minutes.

“You never know when you are going to be that one person who arrives in the three-minute window, so it’s vital as many people as possible know what to do. As a parent I am always conscious that my children could easily have an accident at any time, but by equipping myself with the knowledge of what to do if something goes wrong, I will know how to handle the situation successfully.”

Part of the course also discussed tools to help us access help more easily. Laura added: “I would strongly urge any of you who own a smartphone, to download the Devon Air Ambulance App. It is particularly useful in rural or newly built areas like ours, as it allows you to call the emergency services hands-free and gives you a 1m X 1m map grid reference of where you are. This can be vital to getting help quickly where road signs are not clearly visible, or there is no presence on google maps.”

Well done to everyone who took part in this event. Keep an eye on this website for more events like this in the future, or register your interest in taking part in the next course with Laura (

If you need first aid training for your school or business, Kidz First Aid come highly recommended – why not visit their website for more details on the courses they offer.