New Phases handed over to TGVCIC

October 19, 2020

Dear Residents,

Preim can now confirm that as of the 13th October 2020 the TGVCIC is responsible for the landscaping maintenance of the following additional phases at TGV:

Phase 2 Evolve – Off Greene Street, near the Eastern Common (Developer CNSW) – CLICK HERE

Phases 3.1 & 3.2 – Facing onto the Stray (Developer CNSW) – CLICK HERE

Please find alongside the above phases links to the relevant phase conveyance plans.

As per the plans the TGVCIC is only responsible for any area that is referred to as an area for the management company/CIC to maintain. All other areas are still with the developer until they have been completed and adopted by Swindon Borough Council (SBC).

To confirm the areas handed over are only the landscaping areas as these are the areas that are now in a condition for the TGVCIC to maintain them. I appreciate that Phase 2 Evolve has been waiting for maintenance for the past few years, however works have now been undertaken in the past few weeks by the developer so that the TGVCIC landscapers can undertake regular weekly maintenance visits. From next week residents will start to see the TGVCIC landscapers cut the grass, maintain the shrub beds, undertake weed control, clear the ditches on Phase 2 and some of the hedges trimmed where required and then these areas will fall under the normal maintenance regime. Across both phases there are some works that will be undertaken during the winter months on the shrub beds. Whilst the landscaping maintenance can now be undertaken the developers do still have a number of works that need to be completed before both phases can be fully handed over to the TGVCIC.

Please be advised that the works list below only relates to any areas belonging to the TGVCIC, this does not include any works that the developer will need to undertake on adoptable roads, streetlights and footpaths.

Phase 2 Evolve

  • Structural works to the SUD ditch near Rackham Close and the common. Part of the areas has subsided and the developer needs to undertake a structural report and then complete any necessary works
  • Re-setting of Block Paving in Artisans Lane
  • Topping of the Brick Walls running through Phase
  • Replanting of dead trees around Artisans Lane
  • Surfacing works on CIC footpaths
  • Streetlight confirmation and handover

Phase 3.1 & 3.2

  • Planting of a hedge to border the Phase from The Stray
  • Replanting of dead trees
  • Repairing of kerb stones
  • Surfacing of a CIC Footpath

Hopefully residents will see the improvement in these areas over the coming weeks as works are undertaken by the TGVCIC landscapers. As mentioned both phases will have additional works completed by the TGVCIC landscapers during late October/early November and then on-going maintenance works throughout the winter so that come Spring the areas will be to a high standard.

Should residents have any queries regarding the above then please do not hesitate to contact the Preim Ltd Helpdesk,