Road Closures and Diversions

May 31, 2018

IT has become apparent there has been some confusion over the messaging of proposed road diversions within TGV.

A meeting was recently held with Crest Nicholson, David Wilson Homes and Ward councillors to clarify the position. As we are all aware TGV is a growing community and during this growth there will be naturally be construction/resident issues that we must all face into.

The section of road linking Burne Jones Avenue with William Morris Way will be closed for approximately six months to enable David Wilson Homes to finish the street scene and to ensure that there are no Health and Safety issues during the construction of the houses in this area.

All residents are asked to use John Ruskin Road and/or Toynbee Avenue during this period to enable all residents within the TGV community to move as they wish. We would ask that all residents minimise the use of Beardsley Lane and Siddal Street to access William Morris Way.

Andrew Dobson
Managing Director, Crest Strategic Projects