SBC Publishes Results of ‘Call for Sites’

October 9, 2018

Tuesday 9th October 2018

As part of the evidence gathering process to support the review of the Swindon Local Plan, Swindon Borough Council (SBC) has published its Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA).

The document details all the sites previously put forward as part of a ‘call for sites’ that took place earlier this year. The study assesses the sites against set criteria to establish the ‘suitability, availability and achievability’ of the sites as deliverable for either residential or economic development. The document does not in any way allocate sites for development, it merely assesses their potential, with more detailed consideration and consultation required to test the sites through the plan making process. The Council’s website contains an interactive map showing all the sites assessed which can be accessed here.

As part of SBC’s review of potential locations for development, an area east and northeast of Tadpole Garden Village (TGV) has been identified as having the potential to deliver up to 1,360 homes as part of an ‘extension’ to TGV (site reference S0379), the idea being to build upon the success and Garden Village principles already delivered at TGV. As neighbouring landowners with an interest in a part of the area identified, Crest Nicholson has been in discussions with SBC about the opportunity that such an extension might create, enabling greater service and amenity provision, whilst respecting the identity and environment for the existing TGV community.

The SHELAA will now be consulted upon until 5pm on Monday 12 November 2018 and comments regarding the site assessments can submitted to SBC via

The next step in the process will be the publication of the Council’s preferred options for consultation, with the Council’s aim being to have the updated Local Plan adopted by mid-2021. Further information can be found on SBC’s website here.