TGV – Estate Works Update/Planned Maintenance Schedule

April 7, 2022

Dear Residents,

Please see the below updates relating to the TGVCIC works that have been completed or will be completed over the spring/early summer period.

TGVCIC Development Plan

At the annual residents meeting Preim shared a new plan that has been designed and produced by one of the TGVCIC resident steering committee member, Marcus Cobden, who has shared the plan via the community Facebook Page. Please see the link to the plan below.

Click here to view the plan

The plan is an interactive plan that will show the phase references that Preim use, alongside the road names that residents will recognise. Marcus has used the conveyance plans for each phase that show the areas and who they will be maintained by, either the TGVCIC or Swindon Borough Council. The areas that have been coloured in are what have been handed over to the TGVCIC and this plan will be updated as areas are handed over from the developers. Preim are hopeful that residents will be able to have a better understanding as to what areas are currently covered via the service charge and what areas sit with the respective developers.

The plan will be pinned to the front page of the website and the app in due course so it will be easily accessible for all residents.

Planned Maintenance Schedule (PMS)

Previously Preim have issued a link to a planned maintenance schedule that will provide residents the relevant times of a year and frequency that certain maintenance tasks are undertaken across areas that have been handed over to the TGVCIC.

Please see the below link to an updated PMS. This is based upon the landscaping management specifications that were approved by SBC and provided by the original landscape architect company, David Jarvis Associates.

Click here to view the Maintenance Schedule

Hedge Cutting Works & Eastern Common Top Basin

The large hedge behind the rear of William Morris Way is due to be cut by an approved contractor starting on the 12th April 2022. Preim are aware that we are heading into nesting season, so the works have been approved by Swindon Borough Council, there is an ecologist on site on Monday 11th April to conduct a survey of the hedges for any nests. Any areas where there are nesting birds will not be disturbed via the works and will be noted on the survey. The ecologist has confirmed that the works can proceed even if nesting birds are found as long as there is an adequate safe space avoiding the birds. Any areas not completed in these sets of works will be completed in the summer. The contractor completing the works will be trimming these via hand to ensure the nesting birds are not disturbed.

At the same time the ecologist will be undertaking a nesting survey of the top small basin on the eastern common. Depending on the findings the internal areas of vegetation will be cleared, similar to the other TGVCIC Basin’s, however the works will be undertaken by an operated machine. The machine will go into the water and clear the vegetation, it will not be a digger that would create a mess.

Tree Works & Shrub Planting

Annually the TGVCIC undertakes a tree survey on any tree that has been handed over from the developers to the TGVCIC. In the 2021 Tree Survey it was highlighted that a large majority of the trees along the stray were struggling, however the view of the Arboriculturalist was that if these trees were provided a better topsoil and bark mulch base that they would improve and in turn flourish after a season. CutNClear have completed the works around the tree bases in March 2022 and the trees will be monitored throughout the summer.

The survey also identified that some of the larger trees around the stray have died and need to be replanted. Due to the locations and sizes of the trees a digger will be required to remove them, however it is now outside of the tree planting season. One of the largest issues is that the trees have suffered from the amount of surface water in the area and with how wet the ground is between Nov – Mar it was agreed with the directors of the TGVCIC to push these works back. The trees will be removed in the summer when machinery can drive onto the land without causing damage. The trees will then be planted in late October/early November. Discussions are being held between Preim and Crest Nicholson Southwest for the developer to cover the cost of the replacement trees as many were dead in their first year and the lack of surface water drainage has also caused large issues with the trees surviving.

Play Area Works

At the annual meeting Preim updated residents on the play equipment works being undertaken around TGV. Please see the below progress update.


  • Stray Slide – This is still on schedule to be completed as per the last update. It is anticipated the replacement slide will be installed in May 2022.
  • Stray Swing – The top bar was identified as having a defective bush that needed replacing as it was close to wearing through and was deemed unsafe which was why the swing was removed. The bush section was a connected part of the larger swing bar that supported both sets of swings on the equipment. Preim were then engaged with the original installed regarding the warranties as from a Preim perspective the equipment should not have failed so quickly. This unfortunately took months to resolve, however a new bar is being delivered to Preim contractors tomorrow and will be installed with the swing early next week. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.
  • Eastern Common Swing Flooring – Residents will have noted that there was a section under the swing on the eastern common that was damaged and had pooling water. The flooring had failed and Preim instructed contractors to repair this. It was repaired towards the end of March.
  • Eastern Common Timber Wall – The TGVCIC Play Area survey had identified this piece of equipment as possibly failing and for it to be monitored. By the start of March, the equipment had been identified as having a rotten base and required replacing. CutNClear have now replaced these with sleeper timbers and secured these into the ground. Other sections of the wall have portholes; however, these pieces of equipment were bespoke, and the cost was far greater to install with the portholes which is why the decision was made to install the timber pillars as they are.


Should you have any queries regarding any of the above or any landscaping queries related to areas maintained by the TGVCIC then please do not hesitate to contact myself at PREIM on 01778 382210, option 3 or via email

Yours sincerely,
Simon New
Preim Limited