TGV – Maintenance of Verges & Grass Cutting

May 20, 2021

Following Preim site visits over the past month and reports from residents, it has been reported to the developers that maintenance was required to the grass verges running along William Morris Way and Greene Street. Likewise residents had also reported a lack of maintenance throughout certain phases and areas across the TGV Development which was also relayed to the relevant developers.

Crest Nicholson South West have now confirmed that they will be instructing their landscapers to undertake maintenance across the verges and their phases, it is anticipated that maintenance will take place early next week.  David Wilson Homes have also confirmed that they will be instructing landscapers to undertake similar maintenance across their phase. David Wilson are also programming landscaping works to complete the unfinished land that borders The Stray next to their Phase. These works will be monitored by Preim. Preim are chasing the other developers for updates on their respective phases.

Preim appreciate the frustrations of residents, however to confirm as per previous meetings, presentations and correspondence not all of the green spaces across TGV are the responsibility of the TGVCIC. A number of road verges and areas will eventually be adopted by Swindon Borough Council and until that point of adoption are still under the control of the developers. There are also phases and areas across TGV that have not been handed over to the TGVCIC and are therefore still with the developers.

Below is a link to a pdf plan that will show what is currently under the TGVCIC’s control. Preim are working with some of the steering committee to create additional interactive plans that will hopefully provide further information to residents as to what is with the CIC and what is with the developers.

Click here to view a plan

Preim will always field resident queries on areas and if they are not under the TGVCIC’s control then they will be passed onto the relevant developers to action.

Should residents ever wish to discuss any of the TGVCIC’s assets and maintenance then please feel free to contact the Preim Ltd helpdesk. The TGV estate manager, Simon New, is on site several times a month and will happily meet with residents to discuss their queries be it CIC related or developer related and Preim will assist wherever possible.