TGV – Weeding Treatments

June 16, 2021

TGV – Weeding Treatments across CIC managed Areas

Dear Residents,

The TGVCIC Landscaping team will be undertaking a selective weed spray across all of the communal grass TGVCIC managed areas, predominantly this will be across the Eastern Common, the Western part of the Eastern Common, The Stray and the smaller areas surrounding the play areas and smaller internal phases. Previous Preim updates have confirmed the full list of TGVCIC areas. The selective spray will not be undertaken in the wild meadow areas or wild grass areas in line with the landscaping specification.

The landscaping team will be starting the spray at 5am on Friday 18th June so as to minimalise any disruption to residents wanting to use the common areas. The tea, have asked whether any early morning dog walkers can keep their dogs on the lead should they be in the same areas as the team completing the spray. The treatment will not harm any dogs or other pets and wildlife, however to complete the works as quickly as possible keeping dogs under control when around the team would be appreciated.

Should you have any queries on the above please contact the Preim Ltd helpdesk.

Kind Regards

Simon New