TGVCIC – Phase 1 Allotments Update 01.11.2021

November 1, 2021

Dear Residents,

I am posting a brief update on the TGVCIC allotments as there has been an increase in questions regarding plot allocations, availability and why there are some un-used plots.

Following discussions with the allotment committee and plot holders during 2021 the allotment plot renewal start date has now been moved to early November to align with the start of the growing and planting season. Preim are in the process of contacting the current plot holders to confirm whether they will be renewing their plots and if so for plot holders to then sign the TGVCIC Allotment Agreement. Once the renewal process has been completed Preim will then be contacting those next on the allotment waiting list to offer any plots where the current tenant has not renewed their agreement. I appreciate some residents have been on the allotment waiting list for a number of years, however you will be contacted directly once a plot is available. There are over 60 residents on the waiting list for Phase 1 Allotment Plots and 20 residents on the Phase 2 Plot waiting list so your patience is appreciated and to reiterate Preim will contact you once you are next on the list and a plot is available.

Currently the Phase 2 Allotments have been submitted to the SBC Planning authorities so once these have been delivered and built Preim will contact those residents who have specifically requested Phase 2 Allotment Plots.

Residents will have noted on the Phase 1 Allotments that there are some unkept and unused plots, these plots are currently unavailable as there have been surface water issues that have arisen over the past 18 months. Preim are working with the developer to find out the cause of why the surface water has drastically increased on these specific plots and there are surface water drainage ditch works scheduled in by Crest Nicholson, due this winter, that should alleviate the issues. Remedial works have also been considered and this will be reviewed over the winter once the drainage ditch works have been completed. Once these plots are usable again then they will be offered out to residents. The current plot holders affected by the issues will receive a direct email from Preim on the matter next week.

Should any resident wish to be added to the waiting list please contact the Preim Ltd Helpdesk, .