Town Park Slide Update

February 17, 2022

Dear Residents,

Please see the below update regarding The Town Park slide that was burnt down in an act of vandalism during November 2021.

In November 2021 Preim were notified that there was a fire at The Town Park at TGV where the Octagonal Slide Tower was set ablaze. The TGVCIC landscapers CutNClear attended site the same day where the equipment was fenced off safely as from initial inspections the tower looked unsafe and that it would need to most likely be replaced.

The equipment provided by the developer, Crest Nicholson, was built by a company called RIchter Spielgerate who are a German based Play Equipment Manufacturer. They are a leading play equipment manufacturer and currently provide a vast amount of the timber framed products located around play areas in the UK. They have a sole UK provider called Timber Gate who will be undertaking the installation works later in 2022. Timber Gate provided a quote for the Play Equipment to be replaced and Preim subsequently required approval from the TGVCIC Directors, Crest Nicholson SW. This approval was provided following a meeting in late January. Prior to the meeting this was raised and discussed with the resident steering committee so they were aware of the options that the CIC would be looking to take for the replacement of the slide.

There were also requests to replace the Octagonal Slide Tower with inclusive equipment or different equipment, however, to ensure the slide tower is replaced as soon as possible it was agreed to install a like for like replacement. This is also in-line with the planning agreements for the Town Park and it was agreed that if new equipment was installed then a consultation would be required and this would greatly delay the installation of the replacement equipment. With regards to the inclusive play equipment requests it was agreed that this is being reviewed as a part of future play equipment on the development and formed part of a wider discussion for all of the play equipment at TGV so it was not required in replacing the damaged slide.

Preim are aware that there have been safety concerns raised around two children falling off the equipment and this has been referred to Richter Spielgerate to include any additional safety measures suggested in the annual play inspection report. It has also been raised that the slide can become very hot during the height of summer and the installer, Timber Gate, will provide some suggestions to prevent this from occurring. These amendments will be included in the installation process.

Preim met Timber Gate in early February to have a final review of the equipment to see if there was anything that could be re-used. It was confirmed that the slide can be re-used as structurally it is not damaged and it just needs to be cleaned and polished. Timber Gate confirmed that this will reduce the original quoted cost as the slide is one of the more expensive components.

Timber Gate raised the final order with Richter Spielgerate following the site meeting and Preim have been advised that it will take approx. 14 – 15 weeks for the equipment to be built, delivered, and installed at TGV and this is the fastest time possible from the manufacturer. This process may be shorter now that the slide does not need to be built, however Timber Gate will advise Preim on any change as the order progresses. Once there is a set installation date Preim will provide an update via the Website and the TGV App.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Preim Ltd Helpdesk.

Simon New, Estate Manager Preim Ltd