Traffic Calming Measures at TGV & David Wilsons Home Update

July 28, 2018

In response to feedback received from the TGV community, Crest Nicholson Strategic Projects, alongside their site engineers, have devised temporary traffic calming measures which were installed on Friday 27th July.

The temporary measures should now address the speeding issues that residents have been reporting. Over the next month Crest Nicholson Strategic Projects will monitor the effectiveness of the traffic calming measures, with a view to converting these features into a more visually pleasing solution.

David Wilson Homes – Footpath and Road Works

Crest Nicholson Strategic have been in discussion with David Wilson Homes who have now advised that short term measures will be put in place to rectify issues that residents have been having with the existing roads and footpaths around the DWH part of the development. The short term measures will be monitored by DWH on a daily basis, and these measures will be put in place before the weekend. At present there is not a confirmed timescale for when the final remediation works will take place to complete the roads and footpaths.