Update from Crest Nicholson

June 17, 2020

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Good evening all,

We are all pleased to see the site has been vacated. The clean up operation has started and we continue hard work behind the scenes to bring the wonderful Tadpole Garden Village back to the standard we have all come to expect.

The rubbish has been collected, the deep clean organised and stronger security measures due to be delivered in the next 24hrs.

A huge thanks to all in the community for pulling together and supporting each other during some challenging days. A special thanks for Community Mobiliser, Chris Tanner, for his hard work and coordination.

Further updates will follow in due course.

Crest Nicholson and Preim.

Monday 15th June 2020

Good evening all,

Thank you for your reporting to date, and your continued efforts of clearing rubbish on site and looking out for each other.

Crest Nicholson have been liaising with the Environmental Health team at Swindon Borough Council who have agreed to visit site with Crest Nicholson and establish a clean-up plan of the hazardous waste once the land is vacant. Preim have advised that their contractors will attend site tomorrow morning to collect the rubbish left by the bins on the common.

Reports have been received regarding the play park swings; Preim have advised that the swings have been removed by their contractor to ensure their safety, the swings have been stored in a secure place and will be returned to site when it is appropriate to do so. Upon the land being vacated a deep clean will be undertaken in the play park area.

Crest Nicholson have been informed that a number of the vans, caravans and the two horses have now left site and there are around ten vehicles/caravans that remain. Crest Nicholson are continuing to liaise with the police and Swindon Court to issue the relevant papers to ensure that the site is vacated. We will provide a further update in due course.

Thank you for your patience, and community spirit.

Crest Nicholson and Preim

Saturday 13th June 2020

We are aware of the continued poor behaviour being exhibited and would encourage any such activity/behaviour be reported to the authorities, with video or photographic evidence where available.

Work has been carried out today to deal with a number of matters and we continue to monitor the situation, working with the authorities and other key stakeholders.

Crest Nicholson and Preim

Friday 12th June 2020

Good evening all,

You will have seen activity by Crest Nicholson today to put in place restrictive measures to manage access and egress from common open space in the south of the Village. These measures are temporary, with permanent solutions to be considered where appropriate and in consultation with the community.

Court papers have been filed to obtain an order to move the vehicles and caravans off Tadpole Garden Village. It is expected the courts will take 5 to 10 days to grant the order needed to move them and a bailiff has been organised to serve the necessary papers once received.

Co-ordination continues between Crest Nicholson, Preim, Swindon Borough Council, Councillors and the community to manage the situation. Your patience and tolerance are welcomed and we assure you considerable work is going on to expedite matters and bring this to a close as quickly as possible.

Further updates will be provided as matters progress but in the meantime please stay safe and should you observe any suspicious behaviour, please report it through the appropriate channels.

Crest Nicholson and Preim

Thursday 11th June 2020

We have been working hard over the last 24hrs to find a resolution to the vehicles and caravans parked on the common open space area in the south of the Village. There has been regular dialogue between Crest Nicholson, Preim, SBC representatives and the police.

Crest Nicholson have started the process of preparing papers to submit to the courts for eviction and will provide further updates on this in due course. A log is being kept of the damage, litter and remedial works which need to be carried out once the vehicles and caravans vacate.

Further updates will be provided but, in the meantime, please try and make use of the wider Tadpole Garden Village facilities and should you observe any suspicious behaviour, please report them through the appropriate channels.

Crest Nicholson and Preim

Wednesday 10th June 2020

We have been informed that a number of vehicles and caravans are present at Tadpole Garden Village and have located themselves on the common open space area in the south of the Village. This land is privately owned and Crest Nicholson are working with the authorities and legal advisors to address this trespassing as expediently as possible.

We will provide further updates in due course but would ask that you do not try to resolve this matter yourselves.

Crest Nicholson