Your chance to join the TGVCIC

March 14, 2019

As part of the on-going management of the Tadpole Garden Village Community Interest Company (TGVCIC), Preim Ltd and Crest Nicholson Strategic Projects (CSP) established a TGVCIC Steering Committee when the TGV Development was first constructed.

Primarily the role of the TGVCIC Steering Committee consisted of the following:

• To review some of the estate works provided by TGVCIC
• Identify and report to Preim Health and Safety issues affecting the estate
• Co-ordinating and collating the views of the Members and other residents and reporting these to Preim as required. This can of course include Members’ views regarding the performance of Preim and the other TGVCIC suppliers.
• Convening of other Members/resident’s meetings as required
• Commenting on the draft annual service charge budget presented by Preim
• Being consulted on TGV development matters by Crest Nicholson Strategic
• Playing a role in developing the Tadpole Garden Village Community Legacy

Previously there has not been many assets handed over from the developers to the TGVCIC to maintain. Due to this the original Steering Committee were unable to fulfil the rolls listed above. It was agreed that new Steering Committee members would not be sought until the TGVCIC had more assets to maintain, at which point the Steering Committee would be able to have an impact on the development.

Preim and Crest Nicholson Strategic now feel that the development is reaching a stage where there is a significant number of communal amenities due to be completed and handed over, and therefore we do need increased Steering Committee involvement.

Subsequently Preim, on behalf of the TGVCIC, would like to invite any TGV residents who are interested in joining the Steering Committee to register their interest with Preim Ltd, via the Preim helpdesk,

Please can any resident interested notify Preim Ltd by Monday 25th March 2019. Please provide your full name, property address and email address.

Following the closing date Preim will look to hold a Steering Committee introductory meeting on the Monday 1st April 2019 at The Great Western Academy. Further details will be issued to residents who put themselves forward for the steering committee.

The purpose of the meeting will be for the role of the Steering Committee to be explained in more detail. There will be a presentation detailing the Steering Committee Guide and Constitution. Preim will also be able to answer any queries about the Steering Committee that residents have.

Preim would like to stress that the primary role of the Steering Committee is in relation to the TGVCIC and the TGV Community. The Steering Committee is not intended to be a forum for residents to discuss or seek updates on issues relating to their individual properties from the developer. Preim or the developer can assist in these matters, but outside of the Steering Committee.

Whilst the Steering Committee does not currently have an upper limit on the number of members, it is important that the size of the Committee remains at a practical level in order to effectively conduct its business. There will ideally be representation from multiple areas of the development, and members should ideally be able to attend scheduled and ad-hoc evening Steering Committee meetings.

We would therefore ask residents to consider the above before volunteering for the Steering Committee.

Should you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact myself at PREIM on 01778 382210, option 3 or via email

Housing Associations

Preim and the TGVCIC are aware that there are a number of residents at TGV who are tenants of the housing associations or are part of the shared ownership scheme. The TGVCIC want to ensure that the steering committee incorporates all residents that live on the development and that all views are heard. Due to this Preim will be making contact with the housing associations at TGV and asking that they are happy for some of their tenants to attend the steering committee meetings on their behalf.

If any housing association or shared ownership residents are interested in joining the steering committee please contact the Preim Ltd helpdesk, and provide your property address and full name.

Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of
Tadpole Garden Village Community Interest Company

Simon New
PREIM Limited