TGVCIC Planned Maintenance Update

October 28, 2020

Dear Residents

There have recently been a few queries regarding what works are included under the maintenance programme for the Tadpole Garden Village Community Interest Company (TGVCIC). Following these queries Preim have now provided a resident Planned Maintenance Schedule (PMS), please click here to view the document.

The PMS will provide information of all of the maintenance tasks undertaken on site, details of the works and then confirmation as to what time of the year these works are predominantly undertaken. The PMS is based around the landscaping tasks, play area maintenance and tree maintenance, this does not include general repair works or any major works as these will be undertaken as and when required.

Please be advised that this is only applicable to areas that have been handed over to the TGVCIC and do not apply to areas under the developers control. Should residents wish to know which areas have been handed over to the TGVCIC then please refer to the latest development update available via the TGV Community website or the TGVCIC App, here is a link to the article.