The supermarkets say buy
local but you cannot beat
            ‘growing your own’


The initial phase of Tadpole Garden Village allotments are situated east of the village, adjacent to the Tadpole Gate area.

Allotment gardening is not only a sustainable way of producing home-grown fruit and veg, but is a great form of exercise too. The National Allotment Society figures say that just 30 minutes of gardening can burn 150 calories and just 15 minutes out in the sun will fill up that vitamin D! Not only this, but an allotment can be a great way of socialising with likeminded people.

All allotment users must enter into a lease agreement and abide by The Rules for Tadpole Garden Village Community Allotments, a draft (which is still to be finalised with your steering committee) is available here.

The benefits of allotment gardening

With allotment gardening having not only physical, but mental health benefits too; it is no wonder that allotment
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